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Sena SF Series HD Speaker

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A Renewed Audio Experience

Longtime Sena users will soon have the opportunity to refresh and upgrade their beloved and well-travelled devices to experience audio at a level sure to provide many more miles of enjoyment. Sena's premium HD Speakers offer a marked increase in volume, bass boost, and clarity for a noticeably enhanced audio experience while riding. The new HD Speakers are also redesigned for physical comfort with a bevelled taper to reduce contact with the ear. 

Physical and Digital Enhancements

In addition to the revised hardware of the HD Speakers, Sena will also roll out upgrades for each device’s firmware to ensure HD Speaker audio quality is maximized. Sena users can also expect new audio-related functions to be developed for the relevant Sena apps, with the goal of providing a refreshed audio experience while Riding Connected!

Compatible With Sena SF1, SF2, and SF4