Finance & Insurance


We have our own finance company which allows us to tailor make a finance deal to suit your requirements. We can offer a competitive finance rate along with a variable deposit and terms. Call to discuss what we can do for you on (03) 366 4401 or (03) 366 4402.


We deal with several large motorcycle insurance companies offering a variation of different policies to suit differing rider’s individual needs. There are a great range of packages available and we are able to advise what would best suit you. Benefits on offer include,

  • Comprehensive multi rider cover.
  • Third party fire and theft cover.
  • Third party only cover.
  • Interest free monthly payment options.
  • Multi-bike combined packages.
  • Free inclusive riding gear cover to $5000.
  • Free inclusive 24 hour roadside assist.
  • Great rates and low excesses for experienced riders.

Contact us for an obligation free quote and check what we can offer you against your current insurer. We insure road motorcycles New Zealand wide.

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If you want to make a complaint or have a problem understanding something we’ve done with regards to Finance or Insurance, please let us know, so we can address the problem.

We’re here to take care of the Finance or Insurance issues you face, so if you think we’ve failed in any way, you can trust that all our people will be committed to resolving the issue.

  • Your first call is to talk to us directly or email us.
  • If even this does not address your complaint fully, your next step is Financial Services Complaints Ltd (FSCL), the external dispute resolution scheme for our industry. This independent body is  approved by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. Complaints to FSCL need to meet certain criteria. Website